Tax Credits

Are you entitled to tax credits?

Tax credits are no longer just a top-up for low earning families or workers. With careful planning many more people can benefit from these awards.

  • Do you have any children?
  • Are your earnings below £58,175?
  • Are you considering a large capital equipment purchase?
  • Have you recently incorporated or are you thinking about it?
  • Have your business profits fallen or do you expect them to fall?
  • Are you paying a pension contribution?

If you have answered YES to any of the above - CALL US NOW!

As a result of the “Global Credit Crunch” many small businesses are experiencing problems with cash flow and profitability. Making a claim for tax credits should not be seen as asking the state for a handout! In fact over 6 million families claim tax credits every year. These tax credits can help to subsidise your income. We are not talking about tax relief but actual cash sums being deposited in your bank account.

Brian Bell Meyer Clyne & Co have taken the lead in this area and offer a unique comprehensive tax credit planning and compliance service, which will maximise your entitlement as well as mitigating the chance of your tax credits being overpaid or more importantly underpaid.

Why make a claim if you won't get any tax credits?

When you make a claim for tax credits, any payments you are entitled to can only be backdated by up to a maximum of three months! However, by claiming early, that is before you think you might be able to get any tax credits, any future award can be maximised.

Are you expecting your income to fall?

If you are expecting your income to fall, you should make a tax credit claim preferable by the start of the tax year (6th April 2010) or 5 July at the absolute latest, to ensure your claim is protected for the whole of the tax year.

Time is important and therefore please do not delay in contacting us today to see whether you are eligible to make a Tax Credit Claim.

Please contact us on 029 2086 7131 for more details, or email us direct at


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